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Superb burger. The patty is so bloody juicy, Not stingy with the burger sauce, Reasonable price burger comes with fries!
— Iskandar Zulkarnain Ithnin
Stellar burger set for the price. Dropped by there while on my way to Changi Airport. Had their Double Classic set for $7. Burger itself was very savoury with its beef patties and cheese, with some extra flavours from the copious amount of chilli sauce, shallots, and jalapeno.
— Jarupat Srisornkumpol
Review from a person who works in this industry and super fussy about food. Burgs Burger super awesome and juicy. Fries prepared just on the right temperature crispy and not too oily. Must try their cuban fries. Staff is friendly. Definitely will come back again with bigger gang. Keep it up guys.
— CH Mudassar Farooq
Two words...The Best! yummiest burger that we ever had... with the price, it is AWESOME! thank you for the awesome flavour experience we had Burgs!
— Anisah Affian