Miss Tam Chiak

"...Burgs serves up quality gourmet burgers at extremely affordable prices."


"...I was pleasantly surprised that they use chilled Australian beef which they grind themselves."

Straits Times

"...the meat is juicy and succulent, so make sure you have napkins on standby for this meal."


The Halal Eater

"...I think Burgs have answered the call and created burgers that are anything but ordinary."

The Halal Food Blog

"...To say that I’m impressed with the food at Burgs is quite an understatement."

Suara Magazine

"...after tasting their food and getting to know them and their story in person, I felt truly humbled."


Seth Lui

"...Burgers at Golden Mile Food Centre will elevate the benchmark for great & affordable fast food.."

Kopi Folks

"The patty is grilled to absolute juicy goodness, and each mouthful gets better than the last."


"The smokiness in the meat comes through and is not drowned by the sauce.."


Have Halal Will Travel

"...Burgs by Project Warung serves up mouth-watering gourmet burgers from as low as $4.50!"


"If you’re looking for a Muslim-friendly option or a place to have a wallet-friendly dinner, look no further."

Yahoo! Lifestyle

"...this meant that they’ve sold out for lunch in just one and a half hours"